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Following the large number of messages and phone calls from blog readers requesting a cool WhatsApp group or an online community for us to meet and discuss stuffs ranging from latest tech tricks and blogging tips; I've decided to open a whatsapp group for this website.

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In the Whatsapp group, we will be featuring many articles posted on this blog. All tech tricks and blogging help will be rendered to group members at free rate. But, there must be decorum in the group. I will be glad to drop a list of rules and regulations of whatsapp group inside the group. But due to more updates that will cover it up in short period of time, all the rules and regulations of the whatsapp group will be slightly discussed here.

By now, you must be asking, How do I join the group? wait, joining the official whatsapp group is easy but with a cool procedures for us not to welcome a gate scrapper...

Topics to be Discussed in Official WhatsaApp Group

Inside the group, we will be discussing about: Free browsing cheats, latest tech tips/tricks, free internet browsing tricks, computer/pc/laptop guide for maximum accessibility, mobile/android Tips, Facebook tricks, SEO tips for blogger and how to get traffic to your blog......and other interesting facts.

Rules and Regulations of Official WhatsApp Group

1. No off-topic discussion as offenders maybe removed immediately.
2. No abuse or insult on anyone. In unity we stand to achieve a better goal.
3. No tribalism - No ethnicity.
4. All are of the same level to ask and discuss their various problems.
5. No sharing of irrelevant links in the group.
6. You must add your nick name or real name on your whatsapp profile so that other users will know you more.
7. I can add any serious member of the group as admin if the need arises.
8. Admins can remove anyone will plays against these simple rules.
9. Do the right thing at the right time - always visit to share your comments.
10. Act and chat maturely.

How to Join the WhatsApp Group

Note: the number that is going to add you starts with 081 and ends with 6104. Be careful not to fall scam.

1. Submit your phone numbers in the comment below. Best in this format. "Add me to WhatsApp group, My number is 081********" without " signs.

Now, let's go. Drop your number in the comment box and you will be added soon in less than 1Hr.


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May 16, 2016, 10:27:00 AM delete

Add me to whatsapp group my number is 07060401726

Jun 27, 2016, 9:50:00 PM delete

Add me to WhatsApp group, My number is 0923012370329

Aug 27, 2016, 8:29:00 AM delete


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Dec 13, 2016, 7:19:00 PM delete

Pls add me 08064610225

Feb 21, 2017, 8:01:00 AM delete

Add me to your WhatsApp group please.

My number is 08116566215


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